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    > ADS-B Systems Overview

    > GPS Retrofit and Upgrade

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       Systems Overview

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FreeFlight Systems specializes in the design, development, and manufacture of satellite-based navigation management systems, GPS/WAAS sensors, radar altimeters, and ADS-B solutions for air transport, business aviation, and military aircraft.

Comprehensive Avionics Solutions. High Criticality Applications.

With a long history of excellence in satellite guidance and navigation systems, FreeFlight Systems offers high criticality avionics solutions that enhance operational safety and mission success for our customers.

  Today’s Avionics Systems for Tomorrow’s Airspace Rapid and Efficient Design and Implementation
  • Automatic Dependent Surveillance
    Broadcast (ADS-B)
  • Precision satellite-based position sensing
  • Navigation management
  • Height above terrain sensing
  • Modernization of legacy navigation systems
  • Significant operational gains with minimal disruption
  • Innovative systems approach that maximize existing avionics infrastructure
  • Customization for your region, aircraft, operational need, and mission

Building on our systems engineering and integration know-how, FreeFlight Systems effectively implements comprehensive avionics solutions, while minimizing disruptions to your aircraft’s architecture and operations.

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