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Designed for general aircraft applications, the TSO-certified 1201 GPS/WAAS Sensor provides position, velocity, and time to an integrated navigation system. Other notable features include Fault Detection and Exclusion for navigational integrity and a twelve-channel receiver for improved systems availability and continuity. Selected for the FAA’s Capstone Program in Alaska, this sensor system supports oceanic and domestic enroute, terminal, non-precision approach and departure operations. The small, lightweight 1201 GPS/WAAS Sensor offers
RS-232 data output for easy integration into your aircraft.

The 1201 GPS/WAAS sensor meets the ADS-B requirements for PVT sensor accuracy and integrity in all regions of the world. When combined with a data link such as the FreeFlight Systems 978 MHz Data Radio, dual antennas, and a control head, the 1201 WAAS Class 1 Sensors are an efficient, effective, and economical ADS-B Out solution for the rotorcraft
and general aviation markets.

Flying with ADS-B technology provides numerous economic, safety and environmental advantages such as decreased fuel consumption and carbon emissions, reduced separation minimums, improved planning for arrivals and departures, and surveillance in remote areas lacking radar coverage. An added benefit is the precise aircraft location information the
ADS-B system communicates both to Air Traffic Control and other nearby ADS-B equipped aircraft.


GPS / WAAS Sensor Family Data Sheet and Specifications*


* These documents are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download it here for free.




  • TSO-C145a certified to fulfill ADS-B requirements
  • Supports oceanic and
    domestic enroute RNAV, terminal, non-precision approach, and departure
  • Provides position, velocity
    and time with a high degree
    of accuracy
  • Lightweight, flexible
    integration, and simplified installation
  • Backed by the FreeFlight Systems two-year warranty

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